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All about our Private Care service

Avenue Care “For all Ages”

Our Care at Home service specializes in providing bespoke care packages for adults of all ages who want to live independently in their own homes with the right amount of support.

Our home care assistants have the skills and competence to help improve the lives of all our service users, including healthy adults. Our service users may find that they need assistance with tasks such as housekeeping, meal preparation, and scheduling that allows them to spend more time relaxing and enjoying leisure activities or spending time with friends and family.

Our Living support service includes assisting with;

• Meal planning, cooking and food preparation
• Housekeeping
• Shopping & errands
• Pet care
• Accompanied outings
• Assisting with leisure & social activities
• Assisting with travel arrangements
• Special projects

We pride ourselves on hiring reliable staff that can think on their feet and provide the right levels of support in order to help you achieve set goals such as taking up a new hobby or voluntary activity, finding an old friend you lost contact with and numerous other activities.

Our clients vary in age range and come to us for high-quality support and care to meet a variety of needs. These include:

  • Elderly Clients
  • Clients that require help with their mobility
  • Clients who have disabilities
  • Clients recovering from surgery or hospital visits
  • Clients who need companionship

Whether you require a few hours’ support or round-the-clock care, our clients rely on us to understand their needs and to respond to them with the warmth and professionalism they deserve.

We are also highly experienced in providing care for complex situations and we always look to work closely with our service users and their families.  Our flexible approach means that our clients can increase or reduce the type of services they receive at any time.

Please get in contact with us to find out how we can support your needs.

Dundee 01764 663 644
Angus 01764 663 644
Fife 01383 326401
Edinburgh 0131 516 2216

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From £16 per hour

The current cost of this service is £16 per hour but this can be negotiated dependent upon the specific requirements asked for.

Please contact one of our offices to discuss what options we have to support you and your family’s needs…

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From £90 for overnight care

We can provide overnight care (from 10pm – 8am) for a cost of £90 per night. This can be negotiated as part of a larger package of care.

Please contact one of our offices to discuss what options we have to support you and your family’s needs…

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    Private Care

    Private Care

    All about our Private Care

    Private care is available for any daily tasks you or a relative may need support with. These services cover bathing, showering, applying creams and lotions, dressing and toileting, all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
    Working to your regular routines within the confines of your own home, and ensuring that support is tailored to your specific requirements, our fully trained care assistants offer professional support in a way that’s most comfortable to you and your family.

    We believe in the importance of a continuous service and the same familiar faces, especially when it comes to personal care. Speak to us to find out more about how we can support you or a loved one. Once you contact us we’ll arrange a visit to take in the care requirements and provide you with all the relevant information you’ll need to make the best decision for your assessed requirements.

    Please contact us via the below link to discuss our Private Care services.

    Direct Payments

    Direct Payments

    All about our Direct Payments service

    Direct payments are made by the local council, they are for people who are assessed as needing help from social services and prefer to arrange and pay for their own care and support services instead of receiving them directly from the local council.

    You must be able to give your consent to receive direct payments. You must also be able to manage them even if you need help to do this on a day-to-day basis.

    If you already receive social services, your local council must offer you the option of direct payments in place of the services you currently receive. There are some limited circumstances where you are not given the choice; your council will be able to tell you about these.

    If your local council has decided that you do not need social care services, it will not offer you direct payments; if you think your needs or circumstances have now changed, ask your council for a new assessment.
    If this is something you wanted to do with Avenue we would assess the care package and provide you with a care plan for your consideration.

    Funded Care

    Funded Care

    All about our Funded Care Service

    Funded Care involves working with your local authority to deliver packages of care that have been assessed to each service users’ requirements. The level of funding will depend upon an assessment of needs which is broadly based on the level of assistance required with daily living activities, such as washing, dressing, preparing meals and taking medication.

    Within this process, the local authority would perform means tested calculations around a service user’s income, savings, capital and establish what level of funded care is required (this may vary from partial to full packages of care).

    We will then work closely with both the service users and the local authority in order to ensure the care packages are supported and any proposed changes to the ongoing support is discussed and implemented within the right timescales.

    We are happy to discuss this process with you and provide advice on how to apply throughout the process. Please get in touch via the below link.

    Care Hotline

    Care Hotline

    All about our Care Hotline

    If you have any queries in relation to any of our services and would like to know more about the different types of Care packages we provide please contact our regional teams.

    We can provide advice on funded care applications or help you with any questions you may have on direct payments and how to manage this from a service users perspective.

    Dundee  01764 663 644

    Angus  01764 663 644

    Perth  01764 663 644

    Fife  01383 326 401

    Edinburgh  0131 516 2216